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Andrew Carpentieri

I don't know who you use for insurance but I am pleased to say that the fine service at Martin & Rowland has been second to none. I've been through a few "agents" and gone direct through companies like Liberty M., Safeco. But not until I had bought my house did I start with M&R. They said I was under covered and helped fix my policy. The policy actually decreased. Problem with a car accident, I call them and immediately they are on it and fixing the issues. I am a tough person to keep happy and please but I have to say that today they really impressed me and called me to say they found a better quote for my house/car saving me about $800 a year! You would be out of you mind not to call them and get a quote. I am happy I did.


Tim Plyler

Been with Martin and Rowland for about 5 years now. They saved me a lot of money on my insurance needs, and the staff are fantastic. They are always available when I have a question about my insurance. I recommend them highly.










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