Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my personal information be shared with any outside sources, other than Martin & Rowland, Inc. for the purpose of a quotation?

A: No. Martin & Rowland, Inc. has a strict PRIVACY ACT NOTICE that prohibits us from sharing any of your information or using your information for anything other than insurance related purposes.

Q: When my CREDIT SCORE is checked for rating purposes, does the inquiry affect my score?

A: No. An inquiry DOES NOT have any impact on your CREDIT SCORE. It is only used to determine a rate base. When applying for credit, that may affect your score.

Q: Is anyone covered on my automobile insurance policy while driving my car?

A: In most cases, YES, as long as they have permission to drive the car and it is believed by the insured that permission has been granted.

Q: What is the difference between Comprehensive Coverage and Collision Coverage?

A: Comprehensive Coverage vehicle loss or damage other than a Collision such as fire, theft, vandalism, broken glass or wild animal interference (deer). Collision Coverage is coverage for damage from a collision with an object or other vehicle. Generally, you cannot purchase Collision Coverage without Comprehensive Coverage.

Q: Is FLOOD covered under a Homeowners Policy?

A: NO. FLOOD is only covered by a separate policy underwritten through the National Flood Program. Martin and Rowland, Inc. can provide you with this valuable policy.

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